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ALLMOUNTAIN focuses on the mountains. The special interest applies to the people who live in the mountains and those who move in the mountains. ALLMOUNTAIN lives from the tension of duality: deprivation –
Pleasure, eyesores - beauty, effort - recreation, risk - safety, fear - courage, life - death. In the various areas of tension, stories emerge that are just as entertaining as they are informative, fun and critical.


The magazine is published twice a year and deals with all alpine sports
Disciplines: alpinism, sport climbing, bouldering, ice climbing, or canyoning
base jumping The main thing is the place, the story or the actors


ALLMOUNTAIN is not a lifestyle magazine for which the mountains are just a chic backdrop. The magazine should convince with quality journalism, extraordinary imagery, a clearly structured and emotional layout and high-quality printing. The publisher of the magazine is the former sport climbing world champion and extreme alpinist Stefan Glowacz, who together with his ambitious and experienced editorial team guarantees that ALLMOUNTAIN is a new reference for mountain sports magazines.

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"With passion for the mountain and the magazine."

Katrin Jaeger,
Media Sales branded goods customers

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